Choosing Male Sex Wear for Intimate Encounters


The male sex wear that I choose to wear on a regular basis would probably get me in a lot of trouble if anyone knew about them. I am sure that the people that I know would soon disown me if they had any idea of what I enjoy wearing in the bedroom. Thankfully, they will never have the chance to see my sex wear because I don’t show them to anyone that I’m not involved with on an intimate level. Even the ones that I am involved with require some time before I approach them with the items I enjoy the most.

I have hooked up with people that wore male sex wear like me and it was some of the most outrageous fun I have ever had. But I have also hooked up with some that were completely shocked at the items I enjoy wearing. I have even had a few of them run out the door as soon as I brought my sex wear out and they saw what was going to be waiting for them. I learned at those times that you had to wait and prepare the person for the eventuality of the sex wear I was going to be using.

If you are planning to use male sex wear in the bedroom with your partner, then make sure that you are using something that they are going to appreciate. I would suggest letting them help you select your sex wear so that they know what to expect. Of course the surprise aspect is always a fun thing as long as you aren’t going with something that is a bit too dramatic for your partner to handle. But you probably know your partner well enough to be able to choose something that they are going to be able to enjoy seeing on you.

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Excuses to Dress in Male Sex Wear

A lot of the
male sex wear out there is a bit beyond what I am comfortable wearing but I
don’t mind seeing others wearing them. In fact, I would probably buy tickets to
see other guys wearing the most erotic sex wear they could find. That would be
one fun night to participate in even if I wouldn’t be wearing any of them. Although
I do enjoy wearing some of the not so erotic options that are available, I just
really don’t have the body for those extreme designs that I see online all the

I love dressing
in my male sex wear whenever I can and, since I live alone, I am able to do
that almost every night. There are times when having items like this to wear
actually turns out to be a good surprise when you have someone stay over, too.
Of course you have to make sure that the person that is staying over isn’t
going to flip out when they see you walk out of the bathroom dressed in something
of this nature. That has happened to me in the past and it’s not the best
feeling in the world to experience.

Some of the
most interesting male sex wear that I have ever worn was at a party that I went
to once. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be accepted at that party until I
walked in and noticed that all the other guys were wearing items fairly similar
to what I had on. That was by far the best night of my life and I have often
looked for other parties to get invited to so that I could be a part of that
again. I have even thought about throwing my own parties just to get the chance
to dress up in my sex wear all over again.

Male Sex Wear Spiced Up My Relationship

I love my male sex wear and so does my partner. I
think that our relationship has gotten a lot stronger since I started wearing
these items, at least I would hope that is what it is. We have tried a lot of
different things over the years to spice things up in the bedroom and, so far,
these items seem to be the best option for us. Even shopping for new designs
has brought us together in ways that we never could have imagined. It’s simply
exciting to think of how close we have gotten so far.

Most guys will tell you that buying male sex wear
and using them in the bedroom will be fun, but that isn’t all it is about. It
has given us a chance to explore who we are together and that has opened our
eyes to things that we might not have tried earlier. It’s really funny to think
back about how embarrassing it was to wear some of these items for the first
time and now I am wearing them almost every night. I guess it’s one of those
things you will eventually get used to when you are serious about wearing them.

If you are looking for something to spice things up
in your relationship, then I would highly recommend wear male sex wear if you
can. You may not think that something like this would do anything helpful for
your relationship but it does. They will help you get in the mood and teach you
that having fun is much more important than anything else. Don’t be shy or
embarrassed about wearing them and, instead, get involved in the humor of
having something on that really shows off your body. If you can do that, then
you are already one step ahead of everyone else out there.


Sorry no real models today just a photo of me in one of my favorite Koala sex wear styles

What Kind of Male Sex Wear Do You Need?

What Kind of Male Sex Wear Do You Need?

When you’re trying to decide the type of male sex
wear you may need to invest in, the first thing to consider is just what sort
of sexual things you are into. The answer to that question will help you to
head in the right direction when you’re ready to do some hardcore shopping. For
instance, if you happen to be into bondage, you’ll want to find some awesome
and exciting bondage gear to try out during your next session. If you enjoy a
little bit of cross dressing or role playing, the type of clothing you’ll want
should reflect that about yourself.

Actually, the experience of shopping for male sex
wear should be a lot of fun whether you’re doing it in a physical brick and
mortar shop or at one of your favorite online websites that specialize in such
things. All you need to do is make a list of some things that you may want to
look for while shopping. Something else to consider is what sort of games
you’re going to want to play. Then you can just build your shopping list around
those. Another way to shop is to just look around at items and see what speaks
to you. This way can be very creative because you’re building your next sexual
scenario as you shop.

In the end, it is really quite simple to choose the
kind of male sex wear that you need for your fun and games. Just don’t make it
harder and more complicated than it needs to be. If you have a partner,
shopping together is also a great way to bond and make your relationship even
stronger than it has ever been. Don’t hold back and don’t be nervous about
trying out new things. That’s what experimentation is all about; finding things
that you may have never known of and incorporating them into your new and
improved sex life.

All Men Should Enjoy Male Sex Wear

All Men Should Enjoy Male Sex Wear

Most of the
male sex wear that I tend to purchase is great for wearing around the house for
fun. I know there are guys in the world that purchase some to wear under their
clothing while they are at work and everything, but I just can’t seem to get
away with it like they do. The last time I ever wore any of my sex wear to work,
I was found out almost immediately by my co-workers. That is not something that
most guys would want to go through on any given day. So make sure you are
wearing something that is easily hidden from view.


Since I got
caught wearing my male sex wear to work, I have decided that I will keep them
at home from now on. I figure that since I am not wearing them out in public
anymore, I can buy the ones that are so erotic in nature that there would be no
way of hiding them. Those are the ones that I like to have some extra fun with
whenever I get the chance. I still have some that I can put on and just relax
around the house in, though.

Donning male
sex wear is one of those things that most guys will enjoy doing once they get
used to the idea that these items aren’t going to turn them into complete
perverts. I have a couple of friends that have seen some of the items I like to
wear and they think that I am a very strange man. They just don’t understand
how exciting wearing things like this can actually be. If these friends would
only give this style of clothing a chance, they would probably feel the same
way that I do. The sad thing is that these two guys will never give anything
like this a chance if they can help it. They’re just too closed minded for
something like that.

Selecting Your Perfect Male Sex Wear

Selecting Your Perfect Male Sex Wear

Choosing the
proper male sex wear items can take you some time to accomplish, especially if
you are new to something like this. On the other hand, half of the fun in
wearing things like this comes from the amount of time you spend looking for
them online. I know it sounds strange, but I almost prefer looking at all the
designs that are available over wearing them around the house. My partner would
disagree with that, though, and would rather have me modeling my sex wear
instead of looking over my shoulder at the computer screen with me.

Male sex
wear is something that seems to be taking the world by storm lately. I never
even knew things like this existed a few short months ago and now I have a
rather large collection of items to wear. It seems like I get used to wearing a
design and I immediately have to go out and look for something else to try on.
It’s definitely something that I enjoy doing immensely and has brought my
relationship with my partner to a completely new level. If you are the
adventurous type, then these items will definitely bring something new to your
life as well.

Some of the
male sex wear is a little too advanced for me right now, but I am working my
way up to wearing them. I don’t think that there are too many guys out there
that can wear some of these items without being prepared, but I am sure there
are guys that will try anyway. I know I wasn’t exactly prepared for my first
design, however, after getting it on and wearing it for a couple of hours I
felt like I could handle just about anything. You definitely need to have an
open mind when it comes to wearing things like this, though, if you really want
to enjoy yourself.

What Male Sex Wear Does for Me


What Male Sex Wear Does for Me

There are
times when wearing male sex wear is the only thing that gets me through the
day. Anyone that tries to tell you that you are a deviant because you enjoy
wearing items of a sexual nature has never had the opportunity to try some of
the newest sex wear items. If they did, then they would understand why it’s
important to allow yourself the chance to experience something so completely
different from what you are used to that it actually blows your mind. I have
found that there are a lot of items in the world that can do just that if you
are willing to give them a try.

The male sex
wear that I tend to wear are some of the sexiest items I have ever placed on my
body and they make me feel like a completely different man. Of course, I have
to be a bit careful with who finds out that I am wearing items like this, but
that isn’t too difficult to do these days with all the different styles that
are available. Not too long ago, you had to find an actual store that sold sex
wear items, but now you can purchase just about anything online. That’s gone a
long way to helping people like me to purchase things I really want.

With so many
different options available in today’s male sex wear, there is bound to be
something that you can wear underneath your clothing all day long. This way you
can enjoy whatever fetish you might have even when you are working or on
vacation somewhere. Some of these items fit so comfortably under your clothing
that you may want to keep wearing them in place of undergarments that you would
normally wear. It’s always the little things in life that amuse me the most and
being able to wear something like my favorite sex wear without people knowing
about it is definitely amusing to me.


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Shopping for Male Sex Wear in Privacy

Shopping for Male Sex Wear in Privacy

Granted, not every man in the world has to have male
sex wear, but there are decidedly enough of them that want to own and play in
these items or garments that there is plenty of it around to choose from. The
only thing that might stop many of these guys from purchasing the sex wear that
they most enjoy is the fact that they have to go out into a public shop to do
so. This means that there will be people there that will see them buying these
very unique items. There might even be someone there that they know, although
that shouldn’t really bother them. If someone is in a sex shop searching for
things to buy, chances are that they’re not going to be judging you for it.

The good news is that you don’t have to shop for
male sex wear in public. You can simply go online and search out some websites
that carry specialty men’s items. There’s nothing more private than perusing
these sites to your heart’s content. You’ll likely find many things that you
love on these websites and you won’t have to worry about someone spotting you
as you look through them. There will be plenty of descriptions so that you’ll
know exactly what you’re getting when you choose something. Then you simply
deposit that item into your online shopping cart and, when you’re ready, use
your credit card to check out.

Once you’ve purchased the items of male sex wear
that you want, then all you need to do is sit back and wait for your new
treasures to arrive at your doorstep via post or UPS. No one will be the wiser
about what’s in your packages unless you decide to show them. So you see, it is
possible to find whatever sort of sex wear that you’re looking for without
having to explain anything to anyone!


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Male Sex Wear at Work

Male Sex Wear at Work

There is
something extremely satisfying about wearing male sex wear under my clothes
while I’m at work. While it may sound a bit awkward to wear something like this
when you are at your place of employment, it makes me feel more secure in my
daily routine. Of course the first day I tried doing this it was a bit strange
to walk around with something so sexy under my clothes and not be able to show
anyone. All I wanted to do was strip my clothes off and run through the office
screaming “LOOK AT ME EVERYONE!” That wouldn’t be a good idea, though, since I
am the boss.

I did find
out over the years that I need to have on male sex wear that is comfortable
instead of the designs that are overtly sexual in nature. While having on sex
wear is rather sexual in nature, there are some designs that are a bit mild in
comparison, and those are the designs that you should be wearing while you are
at work. Now, you can wear whatever you want to, but trying to make it through
a day of work with a massive erection isn’t the easiest thing in the world to


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It’s strange
to think that having on male sex wear at work could actually be the one thing
in my life that has brought me more happiness than anything else. I can make it
through a day without feeling all stressed out, then going home wondering where
I had made the wrong turn in my life and how I could make changes to that.
Instead, I am able to go home and think about all the pleasure I was able to
experience while I was wearing something that kept me turned on the entire day.
I would highly suggest other guys do something like this at least once in their
lives just to see what it feels like. You won’t regret it.

Male Sex Wear to Please Your Partner

Male Sex Wear to Please Your Partner

Male sex
wear can be the ultimate highlight of a night of passion if you know what you
are doing. A lot of guys tend to think that sex wear that shows off the most of
their bodies is exactly what their partners wants to see on them. However,
there are times when keeping some of it to the imagination will actually prove
to be much more beneficial for you. Of course, it’s all about personal taste,
but it might be a good idea to get your partner’s thoughts on something like
this just to be on the safe side.

Asking your
partner what kind of male sex wear you should try out can be a bit more
difficult than you might think. Most of the time, you are going to want to
surprise them with what you are wearing, but there might be a problem with your
partner if you end up wearing something that they won’t enjoy. The best way of
getting around this is to simply ask them what kind of items they might enjoy
and pick stuff that is fairly similar in design. This way they get to see you
in something they like, but it still gets to be a surprise for them.


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If you don’t
have a partner and you are looking for some male sex wear, then you won’t have
to worry about any of this. You can just purchase the items that you really
want to try out and you won’t need to worry about whether anyone else has any
issues with it. Either way, the whole point of wearing something of this nature
in the first place is to have as much fun as you can possibly have. Most of the
sex wear that you will find online will definitely give you a good idea of the
kind of fun you could be having with them. So be adventurous and see what