Enjoying My Male Sex Wear

Enjoying My Male Sex Wear

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There is
nothing sexier than wearing my male sex wear around the house after work. A lot
of people that come home from work like to sit back and relax for a bit, but I
like to immediately go into the bedroom and put on my sex wear so that I can
finally relax. That may sound strange to you, but if you have sex wear that you
enjoy wearing all the time, then you are probably doing the exact same thing
and trying to keep it a secret for as long as possible.

Now there
might be some interesting moments in your life when you are wearing your male
sex wear and someone ends up knocking on your door without calling first. I
have answered plenty of knocks with nothing on but the most erotic sex wear you
could ever imagine. The looks that I get from the people that are standing at
my door tells me that they weren’t exactly ready for what was happening at that
moment, but they tend to call me before they come over after that. I just look
at it as a learning lesson for those people that think about stopping by

I have even
been known to wear some of my more conservative male sex wear under my clothes
while I am working, which can be quite interesting. I tried wearing some of the
highly erotic designs that I own, but I never did get any work done that day. I
ended up spending more time worrying about whether or not people could see my
massive erection and how I was going to hide it or explain it if they did. The
conservative options tend to not get me as turned on as the erotic ones do and
that is the only way I can focus on my job when I wear them. It’s good that I
have both options, I suppose.


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